Introducing "Bars and Throne" - Colourful Wall Art

Introducing "Bars and Throne" - Colourful Wall Art

A canvas print that's perfect for any eclectic home decor design scheme. Comes in 3x sizes.

This noble royal knight always toes the line and he does via the "colour bars" right through his portrait. A playful piece utilising a classical portrait with the modern TV engineers "Bars and Tone" line up pattern.

The lovely frame you see is not what it seems, Prince & Rebel print the beautiful frame onto the same canvas as the artwork, which creates a convincing optical illusion.

The prints are made to order with the canvas being of a high quality poly-cotton mix, meaning they are scratch and splash-proof, as well as being printed on with UV-resistant inks meaning our artwork does not fade. The stretcher frames are also made from sustainable wood sources. Everything is assembled by hand.

Order now - comes in 3x sizes from small to large. If you need something bigger then check our bespoke art service.

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